Since its release on the Switch eShop, Paladins has provided players with a fun free-to-play team-based experience. Earlier this week, Hi-Rez Studios and Evil Mojo Games released update 1.6 - adding in the undead pirate champion Captain Admiral, the new Onslaught map and multiple skins.

In the latest episode of Nintendo Minute, hosted by Kit and Krysta, the community specialist at Evil Mojo Games revealed gyro support would be added to the Switch version of the game next month.

This announcement follows the community’s ongoing requests for motion controller support earlier this year on the game’s subreddit. At the time, the Hi-Rez Executive Producer said the team was working on implementing this method of controller support into the Switch version of the game, but wasn’t entirely sure if they would be able to get it to work.

Have you played the new Paladins update yet? Are you looking forward to motion controls being added to the game next month? Have you even downloaded the game from the eShop? Tell us below.