Hi-Rez Studios' free-to-play team-based shooter Paladins continues to differentiate itself from the competition with plenty of unique updates. The latest one - update 1.6 - introduces the undead pirate champion, Admiral Dredge, along with a new map (Onslaught), an event and nine new skins.

The above trailer explains Admiral Dredge's backstory and also has an ability breakdown of the character. The champion's primary fire is the "Cursed Howitzer" - most effective at bombarding opponents from afar. The alternate ability "Broadside" fires three rising explosives. Dredge's first ability summons a phantom harpoon from the abyss and his second ability allows him to teleport. Unsurprisingly, his ultimate is the Kraken - crushing any enemies nearby.

Not only is this update free-to-download it's also free-to-play online as there are no membership requirements to play these types of the games over the internet on Switch. Have you been looking forward to this latest update? Have you tried out Paladins on your Nintendo Switch yet? Tell us below.

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