SMITE data miners have allegedly found a reference to the Nintendo Switch buried within the free-to-play MOBA's latest patch. Given the fact the game is published by Hi-Rez Studios - who have already released Paladins on the eShop, it wouldn't be a surprise if the US-based company brought across its god-themed title as well.

If you're unfamiliar with Smite, it was developed by Titan Forge Games and originally released on the PC in 2014. Players take control of a god, goddess or one of the many other mythological figures and then engage in team-based third-person combat. It's worth noting how prior to Paladins' release on the Switch, the Nintendo version was leaked in the game's patch notes. If Smite does eventually show up, it's safe to say it will not require a Nintendo Switch Online membership - much like Paladins and the majority of other free-to-play titles.

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