Luigi Labo

We've already seen the winners of the Japanese and North American Nintendo Labo contests, all of which blew us away with their incredible levels of skill and creativity and - unsurprisingly - it turns out that the European bunch of champions are just as wildly talented.

Here's a look at the winners for each category (and you can see additional UK finalists here):

Category: Creation - Labo Alien Game

Jose Julio from Spain has built an incredible arcade cabinet-style game featuring aliens. The project uses the right Joy-Con's IR camera to great effect, with the reflective tape being used as targets.

Using the vibration of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers, we have created a game that dispenses [table tennis] balls through a funnel. The balls are supposed to be aliens. We shot at them pressing the button while they fall. The IR Motion Camera detects it and we get points. My daughters have helped me decorating the game, so the whole family has really enjoyed the project.

Category: Customisation - Luigi’s Little Mansion

Again from Spain, this time being created by Jordi Lamarca de Sanz, this one possibly just edges it as our favourite thanks to the addition of that super-haunting Luigi's Mansion music playing in the background of the video. Of course, the creation itself is absolutely marvellous, too, and we love the glow in the dark parts.

"I wanted to maintain a marked Nintendo Labo spirit and I developed the Mansion with cardboard folds and tabs, based on trial and error, using a pencil, a, ruler a cutter and no glue. I tried to use the least number of materials. The idea was to give the house more volume and have a space to keep two of the mechanisms of the game, as I wanted to be able to use them in a more physical way once the mansion was over. My three year-old daughter and I love playing Luigi´s Mansion."

Category: Kids - Custom Bowser’s Castle-inspired House

Kids Labo

And finally, in the Kids category, is this effort by Fabrice Doberva from France. Again, another amazing custom design with some character stickers finishing things off nicely. We've decided that we want to play through Super Mario Bros. while having the Switch nestled inside this castle, or perhaps race around in a few laps of Bowser's Castle in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The description sent in for this one tells you everything you need to know:

A custom Toy-Con House made to look like Bowser's Castle.

Have you tried building anything as creative as this with your own Nintendo Labo kits? Let us know how you've been getting on with the games in the comments below.