You may remember that Nintendo recently shared details surrounding its Nintendo Labo Creators Contest, asking players to come up with the greatest inventions they could muster to earn some fantastic prizes. Well, the North American winners have now been revealed and we're seriously impressed.

The contest was split into three categories - Best Decorated Toy-Con, Best Toy-Con Mod, and Best Original Invention - with an emphasis being placed on musical instruments and game ideas when the contest was first announced. Some of the winners included an RC car that was decorated like a dinosaur and a beautiful The Legend of Zelda-inspired Toy-Con Piano, but these next two designs really caught our attention.

First up is a 'solar-powered' accordion. Instead of using Nintendo Labo's reflective stickers to trigger inputs, this creator uses sunlight to generate the sound. The right Joy-Con's IR camera picks up on which holes have been covered thanks to the sudden lack of sunlight, allowing the Switch to register a note change. It's seriously impressive, and really nicely put together. Check it out below!

Secondly, we have a teapot. - well, four teapots actually - all being used in a minigame that wouldn't seem out of place in a Mario Party title. It essentially acts like a time management game, tasking you with filling and pouring four different types of tea for thirsty customers. Each teapot has a Joy-Con under the lid to detect when the teapot is open or pouring, and it even has both single-player and cooperative multiplayer modes.

The level of creativity here is mind-boggling and goes to show yet again just how powerful the Nintendo Labo software can be in the right hands. If you want to check out the full list of winners, you can find them all here.

Would you be able to dream up something like these contest entries? As ever, share your thoughts with us down below in the comments.

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