ReBirth Games

M2 is best known in recent years for handling Sega’s 3D Classics line on the 3DS and modernising iconic series like Sonic the Hedgehog, Out Run and Fantasy Zone.

Having now made the transition across to the Switch, the developer recently sat down with Denfaminicogamer to discuss its future port plans, following a Twitter poll asking Japanese fans what games they would most like to see adapted to the current hardware generation. According to the team, the projects will likely be based on games created during the '90s, as most of the titles from the '80s have already been re-released.

M2 President Noki Horii said he was pleased to see Konami’s ReBirth series - developed by M2 - was on the poll, as these games were last released on WiiWare. As Wii Points can no longer be added, this makes these titles inaccessible to modern audiences. The team will now strongly consider this series for the latest systems after a rumour from earlier this year suggested they could be on the way to the Switch eShop. These releases include Gradius ReBirth, Castlevania The Adventure ReBirth and Contra ReBirth.

Speaking about Nintendo’s current system, M2 has been testing Shot Triggers, but is struggling to resolve issues linked to processing speed and slow down. President Horii also clarified the problems had nothing to do with the Joy-Con controllers, despite various online reports citing the hardware as a problem. It was explained games would not be released until each one could adhere to the standards set by titles such as Sega Ages Thunder Force IV.

The team at M2 noted how the Switch was ideal for motion-control and joystick orientated games. M2 planner Kazuki Kubota further elaborated on this by saying how Nintendo Labo had inspired the team to work on games with special interfaces. 

Are you a fan of M2’s work? Are you looking forward to its future releases on the Nintendo Switch? Do you have a past game M2 has released you particularly admire? Tell us below.