What a horrible night to have a rebirth

WiiWare wasn't exactly inundated with quality games but it had a few solid-gold gems, three of which were part of Konami's ReBirth series.

Developed by emulation experts M2, Gradius ReBirth, Castlevania The Adventure ReBirth and Contra ReBirth adopted a classic 16-bit visual style and aimed to replicate the look and feel of each respective franchise.

With WiiWare's time now numbered (Nintendo is pulling the plug on the Wii eShop in 2019), it would make sense for Konami to find another digital storefront on which to sell these titles. The Switch eShop is perhaps the most obvious candidate. The rumour also states that a fourth game is in development.

While this rumour is a long way from being confirmed, we'd personally love to see all three games get a "rebirth" (ho ho!) on Switch. What about you?

[source it.ign.com, via twitter.com]