All-Star Fruit Racing has certainly taken the scenic route on its journey to Nintendo Switch, with the online portion of the game seeing a bumpy road to release. Initially, developer 3DClouds said it wouldn't be bringing online play to Nintendo Switch, before eventually reaching out to Epic Games to find a way to make it all work. Well, that move seems to have paid off, as online support is now available.

We praised the game's unique take on racing weapons upon release in our review, with combinations of different gauges helping to create fusion-style attacks which actually go beyond what the Mario Kart series offers, but ultimately felt that the asking price was a little high for the overall amount of content on offer. Naturally, adding online options is a nice step towards providing more fun for players, and certainly one headed in the right direction.

The new online section becomes available by performing a software update for the title - it all falls under Version 1.01 so make sure your game is up to date. The game's publisher PQube has said the following about the new update:

Whether you want to matchmake with random racers online, create custom lobbies with friends or experience local area network play, all of this functionality and more is available right now for the Nintendo Switch version of the game!

We thank everyone for their support for All-Star Fruit Racing and we hope these new features allow you to have even more fun with the title!

Did you play this when the game first launched earlier this summer? Will you consider giving it a go now that online play has been implemented? Let us know your thoughts on this one below.