Indie developers have done a fantastic job supporting the Switch in recent times. With plenty of room to move in between Nintendo's games and bigger third-party releases, there’s been plenty of sales success for games like Hollow Knight, Death Squared, and even Thimbleweed Park. All of the developers behind these titles are overwhelmed with the sales of their games on Switch. In some cases, the Switch releases have even outsold existing versions available on platforms such as Steam.

According to Destructoid, Ska Studios’ Salt and Sanctuary has also sold “super well” in its first week on the eShop - with the overall numbers rivalling the first week of Steam sales when the game was originally released in 2016. Unfortunately, no exact sales figures were attached to this statement. The eShop charts at least show it’s the fourth best-selling digital game in the past week.

The title has previously been described as the “Dark Souls” of 2D platforming, and following its success on the Switch, the developer is now aiming to release the title on more platforms. 

Are you one of the many people who has downloaded Salt and Sanctuary since it was released on the Switch? Have you been enjoying the overall challenge of it? Tell us below.