As reported earlier last week, legendary Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto delivered the keynote speech at this year's Computer Entertainment Developers Conference held in Yokohama, Japan. It's been ten years since his previous talk in 2008, with much of his discussion this time reflecting on the past decade. 

Speaking about the 2016 mobile release Super Mario Run, Miyamoto said the team made some regrettable decisions. The first problem was linked to the game's difficulty. The game was intended to slowly increase in difficulty and satisfaction, but Miyamoto wanted the game to be a bit more challenging. This resulted in the title feeling too difficult for some players, despite the simple design focused on running and jumping. The 'Remix 10' mode was then added to the game to counter this, with Miyamoto reportedly admitting how the game should have been more like this mode from the beginning. 

The fixed-cost was cited as the second mistake. This model was selected at the time because Miyamoto was of the belief Mario is a game about making mistakes and then retrying until you succeed. For this reason, he felt levels should not have been restricted with micro-transactions.

Did you enjoy Super Mario Run on mobile? What did you think about the game's difficulty? Do you appreciate the fact it was a fixed price game rather than a free-to-play one? Tell us below. 

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