You may well be aware that a number of Nintendo's first-party Wii titles have been ported to the Nvidia Shield in China as part of the two companies' growing friendship, with several classics already being available. Now, it looks like Mario Kart Wii is about to drift its way into the action, too.

During today's ChinaJoy exhibition, a playable demo for the game was spotted at Nvidia's booth, showcasing the title running on the Nvidia Shield. The game has received text translations, as can be seen in the image below.

As more and more Wii games arrive on the Nvidia Shield, it's only natural that questions surrounding a future emulation service on Switch should arise once again. Remember, the Nvidia Shield is based on the same Tegra tech seen inside the Switch, and all evidence points towards the possibility of Nintendo's latest hybrid system being capable of running these classic games to an even higher standard.

The Switch's retro future is still something of a mystery at present, but these games show that it would definitely be possible. For now, let's just hope we get a decent start with next month's online service.