Nvidia Shield - China

Earlier this year we brought you the rumour that Nintendo was planning to release New Super Mario Bros on the Nvidia Shield in China. Given how difficult it is to sell consoles in China, it would appear that Nintendo is using smart devices like the Nvidia Shield to crack the market and sell its games.

Naturally with the Nvidia Shield being a Android tablet, it will likely only be a matter of time until these games get side-loaded on to other Android-based devices so it makes sense to enter the market cautiously with ports of older Wii games.

It has now been revealed that the launch line-up of games will include:

Of course, the games will be remastered in HD for this release. According to industry insider Daniel Ahmad - who has been closely following developments - it appears to be a deal between Chinese distribution company iQiyi, along with Nintendo and Nvidia.

Given that the Shield Tablet shares the same architecture as the Switch, there's a very strong chance we could see these games coming to the eShop at some point in the future, too. 

Would you like to see these HD remastered ports on the Switch at some point? Let us know what you think about China getting official releases of some classic Nintendo games with a comment below.

[source kotaku.com, via twitter.com]