The Fortnite devs have clearly been listening to their fans, as at the very start of Season 5 of the game, we were gifted with something that people have been cleating on about for some time, us included. Yes, the inclusion of the oft-contentious motion controls that have grabbed Switch players hearts and won't let go, but unfortunately they're not exactly worth your time.

Simply put, there are many design oversights that need to be addressed, and thankfully they all could be in future patches. When jumping from the buttery smoothness of Splatoon 2 to the judder and inaccurate offering Fortnite has, there's no metaphorical comparison. Of course there's plenty of room for a literal comparison, so we did that.

Make sure you give the video above a watch for all the juicy details, and if you happen to have played with these motion controls enabled, please let us know how you got on in the comments below.