Fortnite's peaceful, practice, sandbox-like 'Playground' mode is set to be taken down again next week, as Epic Games gets to work on the next version.

After some initial teething troubles, the Playground mode was finally made open for business earlier this week, allowing players to jump into a completely free map with nothing but their own imagination for company. We've already seen some pretty astonishing feats be shared online, including a complete Mario Kart-inspired track that uses walls, trolleys, and jump pads to full effect, but players will have to restrain their creativity for just a little while as Epic makes its changes.

The Playground LTM will be turned off on Thursday 12th July, with the next version planned to include new functionality that would allow team selection options. Epic shared the following list of features that could be added with this new feature:

- 1v1s and 2v2s
- Aim assist for controllers
- Editing other player’s structures
- Traps affecting teammates/enemies correctly
- Highlighting teammates on the map
- Damaging enemies with your pickaxe

Even with these changes, the Playground will be far from complete. The mode, as we know it, is described as the "first step into what a full creative mode looks like in Fortnite", so expect to see a whole lot more creativity spilling out in the future as players are given more and more tools to play around with.

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