ByteRockers' Games and publisher Wild River have announced Gelly Break, a brand new platformer coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch.

In the game, Evil Blob plans to take over the planet Gelly, and it’s up to two cute little 'Gellies' – one orange, and one green – to stop him. Players can work together in a couch co-op setting to master the game's levels and fight against crowds of enemies together. Gellies can only interact with obstacles of the same colour, although the pair can fuse together to access additional abilities. It's something we've seen from other games in the past, but it certainly suits the Switch to a tee.

Here are some game features to give you a good idea of what you can expect to see:

- 6 unique worlds with different levels and changing challenges
- Freely adjustable difficulty at the end of each level
- Local co-op mode for two players
- Fusion: players can fuse to access additional abilities
- Switching: the game requires players to switch positions frequently to tackle different challenges
- Shared health that both players have to keep in mind
- Colour mechanics: Objects with the same colour as the character can be interacted with
- Alternative routes and different teammates make for great replayability
- Players can piggyback each other through difficult passages

Gelly Break currently has a loose release date target of Q3 2018 - we'll make sure to keep an eye out for any future announcements.

Are you a fan of couch co-op style gaming on Switch? Will you consider giving this one a go when it launches later this year? Tell us below.