Alongside the recently revealed images of fan-favourite locations in Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!, bundles for both games have now been announced that include the new Poké Ball Plus controller.

Yes, buy purchasing one of the bundles shown in the lovely image above, you'll be able to buy your pick of the two titles with one Poké Ball Plus controller included inside the box. It's currently unknown how much these bundles will cost, or whether they will be cheaper than buying a copy of the game and a controller separately, but we're hopeful for a slight price reduction.

In case you happened to miss the news, it has also been revealed today that the Poké Ball Plus will come with a Mew already inside - available to add to your team in the games. Mew is an incredibly rare legendary Pokémon that is unlikely to be obtained through other means, so this could well push some people towards a purchase who were originally on the fence.

The bundles, and standalone versions of each game, will be available on 16th November. Further details will become available at a later date.

Will you be purchasing a Poké Ball Plus?