Former Nintendo of Europe president Satoru Shibata has now joined The Pokémon Company, according to a post on the official Nintendo of Japan website. He's now serving as the firm's Outside Director, a position he officially began in May.

Shibata-san joined Nintendo in 1985 before working his way up to the position of president of Nintendo Australia in 1999. He then took on the same role for Europe in 2000 before being promoted to an executive officer in the summer of 2016. Shibata hosted the EU Nintendo Directs for years from 2012, so he's certainly going to be a familiar face to many of you from the Wii days.


What do you make of Shibata-san's move to The Pokémon Company? It's certainly come at an exciting time for the Pokémon brand as a whole. Share your thoughts on the move below...