Just hours before Nintendo's E3 Direct earlier this week, rumours surrounding the launch of YouTube and Netflix services on Switch began to circulate once again. The reason for this was an error on North American retailer Best Buy's online store - which has since been removed - but the whole fiasco has resulted in a response from Nintendo itself.

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé - who has already been busy answering questions surrounding the recent share value decline and commenting on the future of third-party support - says that conversations for these services are "on-going".

“When we launched the Switch, we were very clear we wanted to position the device as a game-playing device. We’ve done that, and so you’ve seen Hulu for example come on to the platform. In terms of other services, the conversations are on-going. We’ve got nothing to announce right now. But certainly those opportunities will come in due time.”

Could we see YouTube and Netflix on Switch at some point in the future, then? It certainly seems possible. As always, we'll have to patiently wait for an official announcement on the matter - perhaps Nintendo will surprise-launch the services during a Nintendo Direct one day?

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