Immediately after Nintendo's E3 Direct earlier this week, the company's share value took quite a hit, dropping over 6% in a single day. The main concerns were reportedly related to a lack of new and exciting content being shown, and worries over how Nintendo will continue to please and surprise gaming fans over the coming months.

Talking to Bloomberg, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé has responded to the drop, noting his confusion on the analysts' lack of faith with the company. He goes on to say that Nintendo likes to keep things close to its chest, holding surprises back for larger effect, and that certainly does match the usual trend of highlighting new games just months before their eventual release.

"As you look at Nintendo over these many years, if you look at the number of analysts who have actually gotten it right, it’s fairly small. And it’s because we as a company, we hold things close to the vest. We love to surprise the overall community and environment, and when we surprise, we surprise big.”

“Why the analysts reacted the way they did, who knows. But we know from a company perspective there’s a lot more up our sleeve and a lot more we have to show in the weeks and months ahead.”

In direct response to investors' worries about consistent content coming to Switch into the future, Reggie mentions that Nintendo's pacing techniques are what drives the company forward.

“When we approach an event like E3, we show content that will launch over the next six to nine months, and no more. It’s the pacing of news, the pacing of launches that will drive the business forward. So what I say is, don’t worry, we’re driving the business forward, we’re driving engagement on the platform, and that’s what’s most important.”

Of course, the president of Nintendo of America would be unlikely to admit to any major concerns in interviews like this, but what he says does make sense. The truth is that we have no idea what Nintendo is quietly working on under the hood, and big surprises could well still be on the way.

Do you have high hopes for Nintendo and the Switch over the next few months? Do you expect to see more reveals soon?