Why isn't my chicken cooked?!

Ever since the launch of Nintendo Switch there has been an influx of releases into the Nintendo eShop. It's appeal is obvious, a growing, dedicated user base hungry for games that can be played both on the move and in your living room.

Now, both PlayStation and Xbox have had success in the past with the "indie" market, but Nintendo's Switch platform is arguably the first truly successful platform Nintendo have had with Nindies after mixed results on both 3DS and Wii U.

It's not perfect however, Nintendo have come under fire a few times from both developers and publishers, especially with regards to the curation and options within the current eShop interface therefore it's always interesting to see how sales actually compare to other platforms.

Fully Illustrated, the company behind Slash-em-up Wulverblade recently posted some interesting 2D graphics on their twitter timeline.

With eShop sales figures a tightly guarded secret at Nintendo it's fascinating to see a Switch game doing so well against other platforms.

Naturally there are many factors at work here, not least the different release dates, but interesting all the same.

Did you pick up Wulverblade? If so, what made you decide which system to buy it for? Let us know in the comments below

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