Comparisons between the Switch version of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and the Wii U version released back in 2014 seem to be cropping up all over the place at the moment; just recently we found out that the game's file size is almost half the size on Switch when compared to the original, and now it seems that the game's loading times have seen a huge improvement, too.

In this video from the folks at GameXplain, two speed tests are performed to analyse the differences between the different versions. To get from the game's main menu to the world map took 8 seconds on Switch, compared to over double that with 17 seconds on Wii U. Interestingly, the cloud animation ran much smoother on the new console, too, with a noticeable stutter hindering the original version.

It was a slightly different story with loading up the first level; the Switch version took 10 seconds to get started, whereas the Wii U version took 12. A much smaller difference, then, but still a very welcome improvement.

As mentioned in the video, all sorts of factors and potential development changes could alter these times when we see the final build next month, but this does give us a good idea of the improvements in performance we can hope to expect.

Will you be double-dipping to have Tropical Freeze on the go? Or are you perhaps about to experience this platforming delight for the very first time? Let us know below.