ARMS Update

Good old ARMS, it's the game that keeps on giving and getting better with each free update. Update 5.2 launched last month and brought a whole host of improvements, including the excellent Party Crash mode, "Big Time ARMS."

Next up of course is version 5.3, which has just been announced by the Japanese Twitter account for ARMS and will be arriving tomorrow:

Here's the Google translation to make sense of this:

Suddenly ... It will be delivering Ver.5.3 tomorrow!

This time I got the materials from the ARMS Association Public Relations Office in advance! ... I got it ... that spilled coffee from the top ...

Well, you can barely read the word "useful content"!

We're really intrigued to see what improvements will be on offer, you can never have enough, "useful content," after all.

Let us know if you are looking forward to this incremental ARMS update tomorrow with a comment below.