The Mummy Demastered

We absolutely loved The Mummy Demastered when it came out last year, hailing it as another fantastic title in WayForward’s impressive portfolio and a lovely addition to the eShop’s lineup. That 9/10 score was well deserved, but WayForward evidently wasn’t satisfied with resting on its laurels, as it recently put out a new update that changes a surprising amount of the game for the better.

This update doesn’t add anything major, but it makes several tweaks and quality of life changes that will make the game that much more enjoyable. It’s already gone live and is available for free, so be sure to download it when you get a chance. The changes it makes are as follows:

  • Initial load time has been drastically reduced.
  • HD Rumble added to Nintendo Switch version
  •  Revamped the death mechanic:
    • Health Packs regained from Undead Agents default to full
    • Weapons Regained from Undead Agents have more ammo
    • Undead Agents health more fairly balanced, based on number of Health Packs they are holding
  • Health drops are more fairly balanced
  • Spawn Frequency of Bats, Ravens, and Spiders re-balanced
  • HP of all bosses has been re-balanced
  • Game performance greatly increased

What do you think? Were you waiting for an update like this? Will this tempt you into picking the game up? Share your thoughts in the comments below.