Chicken Wiggle—the latest new release from Atooi—saw a release on the 3DS eShop late last year, and we thought it was pretty good. Unfortunately, releasing the title so late in the console’s lifespan led to it being overlooked, and the developer wasn’t overly pleased with how sales turned out. Last month, Atooi showed interest in starting up a Kickstarter campaign to fund an HD port of the game on the Switch, and now it seems that the campaign will indeed be moving forward.

Atooi recently tweeted out an image showing off a snazzy new logo for Chicken Wiggle Workshop, announcing that a Kickstarter campaign for the possible Switch port will be going live on 6th March. Though no further details have been announced relating to stretch goals or minimum funding, the developer previously stated that it would aim for a five figure goal if it were to do this Kickstarter. Here's what the new logo looks like:

Chicken Wiggle Workshop

What do you think? Would you like to see Chicken Wiggle on the Switch? Will you contribute to the campaign? Share your thoughts in the comments below