Indie game studio Rundisc has announced that its upcoming brawler Varion will be launching this spring on Nintendo Switch.

Inspired by recent 'couch co-op' hits Towerfall Ascension and Gang Beasts, Varion is aiming to be the perfect local multiplayer experience, allowing you to fight against your friends in good-spirited matches to the death. Set in a futuristic universe, the game is a 3D arcade-action fighter that tasks players with controlling robots as you battle in an infinite amount of booby-trapped, procedurally generated arenas.

The gameplay relies on a simple idea which sees players having to use bounce shots to destroy opponents (direct shots will only stun them), with the movement and action reminding us a little of games such as Rocket Fist. Ammo is limited and can only be reloaded by moving, preventing players from simply staying still and hiding from opponents.


Among other features, Varion is set to offer a battle mode, advanced moves and tactics such as dashing, backfire, and other powerups, and a solo/co-op challenge mode to practice your skills. 

Will you be looking out for this one when it launches this spring? Let us know your thoughts below.