The Nintendo Direct Mini that dropped out of the blue on Thursday - following nuclear level hype and the subsequent fallout that always comes with it - had plenty of exciting new titles announced, but now we're inevitably turning our attentions to what's (hopefully) coming next. Take Yoshi for Nintendo Switch - it's had a placeholder 'December 2018' in most places since its reveal at E3 2017, but if an Amazon Italy listing is to be believed we could getting it as early as June.

It could just be another placeholder, but with E3 rolling around yet again in the same month (and no current major Nintendo titles slated for June) there's certainly a hopeful chance the scenery-flipping antics of Switch-based Yoshi could be with us before Christmas.

Do you think we'll get Yoshi this summer? Will Reggie click his fingers and it goes on sale following E3? Tell us your thoughts below... 

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