Releasing as a launch title for the Switch, VOEZ was one of the more interesting titles during the console's early stages. Despite the whole concept of the Switch being sold as a system that can be played in both TV, and portable modes, VOEZ was the first title that could only be played in the latter style thanks to its touchscreen-only input options.

This has now changed, however, as an update for the game (coinciding with a physical release in Japan) has introduced the ability to play the game in docked mode, using a controller to play the notes on screen. You could also, of course, now use the Joy-Con while playing in handheld mode, rather than being restricted to just the touchscreen.

If you choose to play through songs in this new style you'll be tasked with tapping or holding any of your chosen controller's face buttons when a note reaches the bar at the bottom of the screen. Flicking the control stick to the left or right will allow you to complete slides, replacing the way in which you previously had to slide your finger across the notes on screen.

Considering how long the game has now been available, and especially with the frequent updates adding new songs to the game for free, it is great to see so much continued support being offered to the title. If you're a fan of the game, will you be trying out this new input option? Let us know down below.