As reported in Famitsu earlier in the week - and picked up on by Twitter user Nibel yesterday morning - Nintendo Switch has officially passed the lifetime sales of Wii U in Japan. According to the latest issue's figures, Nintendo Switch has now sold 3,407,158 console units, surpassing the lifetime sales of its predecessor (which stalled out at 3,301,555).

So in the course of only 10 months, Nintendo Switch has already hit the milestone that took Wii U six years to reach. It's a staggering figure and comes hot on the heels of two other sales records, with Switch having beaten PlayStation 2's year one sales record in Japan and become the fastest selling console in US history with 4.8 million flying off American shelves. It's been a great start to 2018, and that's saying something.

If Nintendo keeps this up, more records are going to fall around the world as Switch confidently strides towards its first birthday in March. Do you think Switch will continue to sell as well in 2018? Let us know in the comments section forthwith...