"Impressive sales!" "Why, thank you for noticing!"

The Nintendo Switch is selling incredibly well worldwide, and Nintendo has made bold predictions based on this amazing first year, with 20 million consoles predicted to be sold in the next financial year alone.

That might seem like a bold projection, but consider this - the Switch has just beaten the PS2's year-one sales in Japan, and Sony's console went on to become the best selling home gaming system of all time, with 155 million units sold globally. According to Famitsu, Nintendo has now sold just under 3.3 million Switch consoles in its homeland, while the PS2 sold 3 million.

The comparison with PS2 is an interesting one; both machines launched in early March (2017 for Switch, 2000 for PS2) rather than the more traditional Christmas window. Switch shifted an impressive 520,000 units in its first month, but the PS2 sold an amazing 900,000 consoles. 

However, Nintendo's console has benefitted from a solid first year of games, while the PS2 arguably suffered from a lack of titles which truly showed off its potential, at least in the first 12 months on sale. Sony also cited a production shortage as a key problem during most of 2000, which meant it couldn't meet demand. Nintendo has had similar issues with supply over the past year.

While year-one sales hardly paint the definitive picture, it's nevertheless interesting that the Switch has sold so well when compared to one of the most commercially successful gaming platforms ever; suggestions that it could potentially overtake the PS2 in terms of lifetime sales seem a little hasty, but it should be remembered that Nintendo's console is a hybrid that offers both portable and home play - a fact which could potentially give it the edge when it comes to total units sold.

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