The Champions' Ballad is the final DLC for The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, and it launched last month. Not only do you get a new dungeon, a bunch of sidequests, and lots of new stuff to equip, Link also gets to ride around Hyrule in style on the back of the Master Cycle Zero.

But to unlock it, you first have to unlock the main quest portion of the DLC. Not only is it quite lengthy, it's a fair challenge too. But fear not, for Nintendo Life has scoured its depths to bring you this guide series on how to complete it.

Before you begin:


You first have to defeat the four divine beasts and then tackle the Divine Beast Tamer's Trial on the Great Plateau to unlock the next phases of the trial. We say phases, because the next section is split up into four, and you can complete them in any order. Each of the next four trials is based on one of the champions. 

This guide tackles Urbosa's, but we've also covered Mipha's, Revali's, and Daruk's – as well as The Divine Trial, the finale of The Champions' Ballad DLC.

To start Urbosa's Song, fast travel to the Divine Beast Vah Naboris, turn around, and run directly behind it. Keep going until you reach the cliff, leap off it, and glide towards the snowy peak in the distance. Do so until you're forced to land on the cliffs just below it. You'll know you're in the right place if you see a bunch of broken guardians littered about. Head left and climb a few cliffs until you reach what appears to be a broken shrine. This has three map locations on it, pointing towards three shrines you have to find and defeat to progress.

You can either find these yourself, using these maps and the cryptic clues hidden in Kass's song, or you can just read below. We'll tell you exactly how to get to each, and how to complete them.

Keive Tala Shrine


To get to the Keive Tala Shrine, first fast travel to the Misae Suma Shrine and make your way over to the East Barons. Along the way, you'll come across Molduking, the foe you have to defeat to summon the shrine. Do so and watch it rise from the earth.

Head inside and whip out Magnesis. Your goal here is to help a current of electricity get from a crystal on your left to its destination. Look to your right and you'll see a bunch of metal boxes. Grab one and place it in the water just underneath the crystal. This will allow the electricity to pass through to the next phase.

Run forward until you see an orange crystal, then grab a different metal box with Magnesis. Hold it next to the crystal to charge it until the platform to the right rises. When it stops, place the metal box on top of it to move the electricity forward.


See that massive metal ball floating in the water? Grab that with your Magnesis and lift it over the pole just to the right. This will allow the current to pass through to the next phase. For the final section, whip out Cryonis and create a block of ice just to the right of the second pole. Turn around and grab the huge metal box and place it on top of it. If done correctly, this will charge the final section and open the path to the exit.

Treasure Chests

Once you've completed the electricity puzzle, don't complete the shrine. Instead, head right past the exit and you'll see another puzzle you can complete. Go up to the terminal and use the laser to hit the crystals. Your goal here is to stop the moving platforms at the exact moment they pick up the electric current. To stop them, all you have to do is hit the adjacent crystal with your laser. If you miss, just hit the crystal again to get the platform moving. Once complete, a door will open to your right and you'll find the treasure chest inside.


Takama Shiri Shrine


To get to the Takama Shiri Shrine, fast travel to the Daqo Chisay Shrine right next to Gerudo Town and grab a nearby sand seal. Ride it directly towards West Barrens and you should quite quickly see a glowing circle in the sand. Ride through it and follow the beam of light to its destination. This will summon the Takama Shiri Shrine.

Get ready for another electricity puzzle. Run forward, whip out Magnesis, and create a bridge out of the two metal boxes ahead. Run across them, turn around, and move them both to the left, allowing electricity to pass through. This will open the gate behind you so go through it.

In the next room you're going to want to stop the current. Once again, pull out Magnesis and move the second metal box away from the first. Run over the first and head right as far as you can go. Create a bridge out of two of the metal boxes ahead, but make sure there's no current passing through them, and cross over. 


Now simply move one of the boxes within touching distance of the electricity crystal and the pole to open the gate to your left. You might need to move another metal box to pass through it but, again, make sure there's no electricity touching it.

Pass through the gate and up the stairs to your right. In this room, you need to first create a set of stairs out of the boxes and climb it – just make sure none of them are charged before you do so. At the top, head round to the right until you're standing on the catwalk. 


Finally, move the boxes to allow electricity to pass through them from the crystal on your right, to the crystal on the top left. This will open the gate to the exit. Careful though, as you do need to climb the highest box to your right to reach the exit, so don't use that one as part of the current.

Treasure Chests

In the final room, there's a chest right behind the metal boxes. Move them out of the way and run past them through a chamber in the middle of the room. Pass through to your right and you'll see a treasure chest.


Kihiro Moh Shrine


To get to the Kihiro Moh Shrine, first fast travel to the Kuh Takkar Shrine then run directly forward and follow the cliff's edge to the right. Keep an eye ahead as you should see a section of cliff covered in grass, rather than snow. Glide towards it, but don't aim for the cliff itself, aim for the ground beneath it. You should land right in front of the Yiga Clan hideout.

Head inside and turn left, then sneak through the next room towards the left. Avoid any members of the Yiga Clan. Leave the room by the door on the left and take a right. Climb up the set of ladders and turn right at the top. Follow the balcony directly forward. In this room you'll find a ton of bananas and a glowing orb. Grab it. Now just leave the hideout, once again avoiding members of the clan. Outside, chuck the orb into the massive hole.

The Kihiro Moh Shrine will appear in front of you, so head on in. Inside, run straight over to the terminal to manipulate a giant cage full of coloured balls. The goal here is to count the number of each coloured balls so make a note. Then, leave the terminal and grab one of the coloured balls.


Ahead of you, you should a series of holes in front of different coloured bigger balls. Run towards the one that matches the colour of the ball you're carrying, and place it in the position that matches the number of the same coloured balls in the cage. For reference, one is the hole nearest to the giant coloured ball, and four is the hole furthest away. You can also check the torches next to each hole, as they tell you the number. Check below for the correct number of balls in the cage:

  • One red
  • Two green
  • Two yellow
  • Four blue

Once they're in their correct positions, the path to the exit will open.

Treasure Chests

In the final room where you can complete the shrine, run underneath the cage of balls and whip out Magnesis. Use this to pull out the metal floor of the cage, releasing the balls. One of them is metallic, so grab it and carry it to your right where you'll find a set of holes and torches. If you paid attention when counting the balls earlier, you should have made a note of three colourless balls. So pop this in the right hole under the three torches to unlock the gate to the chest on your right.


Thunderblight Ganon


Fast travel to the Divine Beast Vah Naboris and run towards it. A cutscene will ensue that invites you to witness a memory. Here you'll have to face Thunderblight Ganon again, though with a limited inventory of a scimitar of the seven, edge of duality, daybreaker, shield of the mind's eye, and three healing items: a voltfruit, zapshroom, and raw meat. You'll also wear the desert voe set.

Thunderblight Ganon will first shoot off three lightning attacks but they move fairly slowly so shouldn't be difficult to avoid. Next, he'll teleport over to you and attack so as soon as he's near, initiate a flurry rush and pound on him. He should be stunned when flurry rush ends so try and get a few more attacks in before he teleports to safety. His attack pattern will then reset but bear in mind that he doesn't always follow the same pattern. He might attack you several times in a row or shoot several balls of lightning at you.

Remain ready for him to move over to you so you can initiate a flurry rush. If you fail, you can break his shield after a few attacks, after which hitting him will stun him. You do run the risk of breaking your weapon this way though.


When Thunderblight Ganon reaches half health, a cutscene will ensue and phase two of the battle will begin. From here on out, his weapons and shield will be coated in electricity, which you can use to your advantage. Whip out Magnesis and grab one of the metal poles that fell out of the sky and hold it near Thunderblight Ganon. This will trigger an electric shock attack and stun him, so run in and get in a few attacks.

Rinse and repeat these tactics until he drops to a quarter of his health. At this point he's at his most dangerous, as he'll try and hit you with a laser attack. Dodge this and run in to attack him until he falls. Congratulations! You've beat Urbosa's Song.


Urbosa's Song


You'll wake up outside of the Divine Beast Vah Naboris and Kass will play a new song – Urbosa's Song. This will trigger a memory of Princess Zelda requesting the services of Urbosa as her champion. There's also a great scene of Urbosa fighting off the Yiga Clan while Zelda watches and you learn more about the history of Urbosa and Zelda.