In video games, there are high scores and then there are high scores. The long battle for Donkey Kong's biggest score definitely falls into the latter category; it's the holy grail of arcade scores and it's played host to some of the most competitive rivalries in history.

Well, the arcade classic's high score has been smashed yet again, with previous record holder (and former pro poker player) Robbie Lakeman surpassing the current record of 218,000 set by Wes Copeland in May, 2016. Lakeman, who's been trading stewardship of the record with Copeland since he won it from Hank Chien in 2014, hit a whopping 1,230,100 last night while livestreaming the attempt on Facebook.

Lakeman admits on air that he could've reached an even higher score, but we imagine regaining his world record will be enough to satisfy the legendary player for tonight at least. And three and a half hours of DK? That's some dedication right there.

What do you guys think of another classic record getting smashed? Will Copeland be able to win it back? Sound off below