Detective Pikachu

Last week, we received the news that Ryan Reynolds would be voicing the starring role of Detective Pikachu in the upcoming movie. Following on from previous news, it seems that the film has more or less filled out its cast and is nearing the production phase of development. To back this up, word has recently broken that the release date has been set.

Detective Pikachu will be releasing on 10th May, 2019. It stood to reason that this would probably be a summer blockbuster, though the timing of its release certainly raises some eyebrows. Marvel’s Avengers 4—the conclusion of the current Marvel Cinematic Universe—will be releasing one week earlier, and that likely will dominate the box office for weeks. Hopefully, Detective Pikachu finds its niche, because if it does succeed, perhaps more Pokémon movies could be made.

What do you think? How will this movie perform? Will you go see it when it releases? Share your thoughts in the comments below.