There certainly are some weird and wonderful subgenres out there in the world of video games, which probably goes some way to explaining why a series about firing pheromones at schoolgirls and sucking their clothes off has attracted such a cult following. The latest entry, Gal Gun 2, is coming to Switch in Q1 2018 and developer Inti Creates has just announced some new livestreams to showcase the characters, mechanics and a rather risque sounding 'Doki Doki mode'.

One livestream took place a few hours ago with Inti Creates' president and VP looking back on 2017, but the second one - due to air on YouTube on 27 December at 21:00 JST (that's 12pm UK time) - will be one to watch, with voice actors from the oddball rail shooter (including MC Yuna Taniguchi, Chinami Hashimoto and Chisa Kimura) joining the broadcast to discuss all the embarrassing things the developer asked them to do in the name of video game innuendo.

In the meantime, here's a crazy Japanese trailer for Gal Gun 2:

Are you planning to pick up Gun*Gal 2 in 2018? Are there any other Japanese titles you'd love to see get the localisation treatment on Switch? Let us know!