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It's another big week in the Nintendo Download Update for North America, which could be described as the Thanksgiving line-up for US gamers. The Switch has a lot of new titles, including some high profile releases alongside some less expensive yet diverse options. The 3DS and Wii U don't entirely miss out, while the eShop Cyber Deals are also worth a look. Let's get to it.

Nintendo Mobile

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (Nintendo, free-to-start) - The global roll-out of this app started earlier this week, albeit there have been some server issues due to early demand. It'll be well worth a look once the issues clear up, however; we explain why in our Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp review.

Switch Retail Download

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition (Ubisoft, $79.99) - This includes the full game and the Season Pass, with the final and biggest part of the DLC due in early 2018; it'll include a new world and 'new hero'. We loved this game in our Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle review, and the season pass content so far isn't too bad either.

Switch eShop

Resident Evil Revelations (Capcom, $19.99USD) - Originally a game that showcased the 3DS and its Circle Pad Pro, this solid spin-off entry in the series then made its way to Wii U and other assorted HD platforms. The arrival on Switch offers motion controls that bring back good memories of Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition. We'll confront the horror and bring you a fresh review. Available from 28th November.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 (Capcom, $19.99USD) - It's the first time that this sequel will be playable on Nintendo hardware; it was an episodic release originally, but now comes as one complete package. It has the same control options as the first Revelations, and we'll see whether it's worth the leap in a review. Available from 28th November.

Worms W.M.D. (Team17, $29.99USD) - Worms is certainly a classic franchise, and this entry blends some modern touches with the original formula. On Switch there's plenty of content included along with some exclusive goodies, and overall it earned a solid recommendation in our Worms W.M.D. review.

Mantis Burn Racing (VooFoo Studios, $19.99USD) - This top-down racer has various single- and multiplayer options, including cross-platform online play; the Switch version also includes some previous DLC that's been integrated into the campaign. We'll get stuck into a review, but in the meantime you can learn more from our interview with the developer.

Portal Knights (505 Games, $29.99USD) - Long on some wishlists, this combines Minecraft-inspired world creation with different character classes and battles. On Switch it has touchscreen support, while you can team up with others locally or online.

Aces of the Luftwaffe - Squadron (HandyGames, $14.99USD) - Somewhat different from the non 'Squadron' release previously seen on smart devices, this is a vertically scrolling shooter with an emphasis on local co-op play (though you can tackle it solo). Our review will be with you later today.

Uurnog Uurnlimited (Raw Fury, $14.99USD) - This has a quirky description - "Enter the wacky & whimsical world of Uurnog Uurnlimited! Explore a silly, puzzle-filled land full of cubes, bombs, weird people & adorable animals — then steal them all!". It features both single player and co-op, and in an interesting touch stages created in a level editor in the Steam version will be available to play on the Switch.

Crimsonland (10tons, $12.59USD) - With art that riffs on DOOM, this is a top-down shoot-everything-in-sight game, with a big focus on being able to blast away the hordes in various ways. It promises 60 levels in the Quest Mode and multiple survival modes for up to four players in local co-op.

Kid Tripp (Four Horses, $3.99USD) - This auto-running platformer offers some enjoyable and challenging action, with different difficulty settings to cater to various players. We enjoyed the 3DS version in our review, and also interviewed the developer a little while back.

Stick It to The Man (Zoink, $11.99USD) - This is a game that fuses point-and-click sensibilities with elements of platforming, all with an absurd (and funny) script to tie it all together. Previously a thoroughly entertaining game on Wii U, it's still well worth a look on Switch as we suggest in our review.

Letter Quest Remastered (Digerati, $14.99USD) - A rather charming word game / puzzler / RPG that arrived in mid-2016; it was rather good on Wii U. The campaign has 40 stages and there's an 'endless' Challenge mode, so this should keep wordy gamers busy.

Transcripted (Plug In Digital, $7.99USD) - This is a rather unique match three puzzler / shoot ‘em up hybrid that looks a bit like the love child of Nano Assault and Zuma. We'll check it out for a review.

Soccer Brawl (HAMSTER, $7.99USD) - The consistent roll-out of ACA titles continues in this futuristic footy game. Sure, it is soccer, but with cyborgs and a bit of arcade violence.

Switch eShop Demo

Nine Parchments (Frozenbyte, free)

Slime-san (Headup Games, free)

3DS eShop

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (Capcom, $19.99USD) - We've seen plenty of Ace Attorney titles on the 3DS, including 'remasters' with improved visuals and assorted tweaks; this rounds out the series collection (aside from Japan-only titles) on the portable. This has the nice option of switching to the Japanese version of the game, if you want to go that way - we'll investigate and let you know if we have any objections in a review.

New Nintendo 3DS eShop

Breakout Defense 2 (nuGAME, $6.99USD) - This is a versus Breakout game in which you try to beat the AI across 20 stages.

Physical Contact: Picture Place (Collavier Corporation, $4.58USD) - Another in this series of relatively simplistic games that encourages local multiplayer.

Wii U eShop

Breakout Defense 2 - (nuGAME, $7.00USD) - Like the New 3DS version, but you pay an extra cent for shinier graphics.

Wii U Virtual Console

Bomberman Panic Bomber (Konami, $5.99USD) - The run of retro titles on the Wii U via Konami continues with this spin-off, which basically seems to be a hybrid of Tetris and Columns.

Don't forget that the eShop Cyber Deals are live - you can see the full line-up here.

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