Capcom's Super Ghouls'n Ghosts will always be a polarising title. A masterpiece of game design with impressive usage of the Super Nintendo's graphical and sound capabilities produced one of the system's finest exclusive games, but also one that challenges players with not one but two complete (rather hard) playthroughs to see the game's true ending. As such it remains a game for the most dedicated gamers out there.

Mari Yamaguchi's soundtrack for the game remains quite impressive, with the whole game using a symphonic soundtrack that has been remixed and remade by fans in different genres for decades now. Now thanks to Conn and Kurrono Kei we have a patch and soundpack that places Arthur's Super outing among the club of games that have MSU1 audio enhancements. You can now run around in your pants to your favourite Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts covers and remixes, such as those you can hear in the following gameplay video.

If you're feeling a bit nostalgic about Arthur's quest it is a good time to remind one and all that the game just so happens to be one of the twenty one games that are part of the SNES Classic Mini and Super Famicom Classic Mini games list. We assure you it will be the game that will get the most use of the rewind feature of the system.

Did you partake on Arthur's quest against evil back in the day, or maybe even on the almighty GBA? Tell us all in your briefs on the comments section below.