It's a mystery!

The Oliver Twins will be well-know to any British gamer who grew up during the Spectrum era, but the duo also produced games for the NES. Dizzy remains by far their most famous creation, and a lost NES title will be hitting the market early next year thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Mystery World Dizzy, as we've already reported, is a "lost" game that never saw the light of day back in the '90s. The Olivers have already released the game online for free (alongside Wonderland Dizzy) but a campaign was recently launched to produce physical cartridges, complete with packaging.

The goal was a modest £12,500, and at the time of writing (and with 29 days remaining) it has already raised £12,727 (and counting).

It's a positive start to the campaign, and stands in stark contrast to the Olivers' 2012 attempt to crowdfund Dizzy Returns, an entirely new entry in the franchise. It should be noted that the funds from this campaign will be used solely to produce 500 physical copies of Mystery World Dizzy - the Olivers are donating their share of the proceeds to the charity Special Effect.