Better late than never

Famous games dev siblings The Oliver Twins have just released a NES title which was assumed lost many years ago. Wonderland Dizzy - an entry in the beloved platforming series the brothers originally created for the likes of the ZX Spectrum and C64 - was produced during the early '90s but never saw the light of day on Nintendo's popular 8-bit console.

The source code for the game turned up a few months ago when the twins were preparing to do a talk at the UK gaming event Play Blackpool. A map for the title was discovered, prompting Philip Oliver to search his loft for the source code - which turned up on a single 3.5-inch floppy disc.

The disc didn't contain the final, finished game, but it did have the source and the visuals, and after hooking up with Polish Dizzy fan Lukasz Kur, a working ROM image was forthcoming - and you can now play it online for free.

However, fans of the Dizzy franchise might not want to get too excited, as this release doesn't mean the Olivers are working with the egg-shaped hero once more. They're currently committed to their latest game SkySaga, and a while ago a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for an all-new Dizzy failed.

You can view the trailer for Wonderland Dizzy below, as well as a video by the Twins explaining the history behind this venture:

Thanks to Gonçalo Lopes for the tip!