If you grew up in the UK in the '80s it is likely you played a Dizzy game at one time or another. These budget titles by Codemasters were some of the best games that you could buy for your home computer. Like all good mascots Dizzy made the leap over to consoles too, and 1991 saw the release of The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy on the NES.

The egg-shaped protagonist was set to appear in a NES sequel and work began on Mystery World Dizzy in 1993, which was essentially a remake of the Fantasy World Dizzy game which appeared on home computers. However, financial difficulties at the time scuppered those plans.

Mystery World Dizzy

Fast forward to 2017 and Dizzy creators Phillip and Andrew Oliver (otherwise known as The Olivier Twins) have released the game to play for free on the Mystery World Dizzy website to celebrate Dizzy's 30th anniversary. A Kickstarter will also be launched soon which could see the game released as a physical NES cart, which will likely become very collectable if it comes to pass. All the proceeds of the Kickstarter will be shared between the NVA and Special Effect charity, so this is definitely a great cause to support.

Have you tried out Mystery World Dizzy yet? Share your thoughts on the game and obligatory egg-themed puns with a comment below.

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