Splatoon was a landmark moment for Nintendo, marking its first major online multiplayer focused game and in a new genre for the company, too. The game was a smash hit (or at least as much as one could be on Wii U), but it’s been inevitable since day one that this online game would eventually see a shutdown due to server costs and the passage of time. Though the game’s servers will be continuing for the foreseeable future, it seems that it’s the beginning of the end for Splatoon.

Nintendo just announced that it’ll be shutting down SplatNet—the online stat tracking and companion site—on 30th September. You’ll still be able to participate in all online modes as usual, so the game still has life in it yet, but alas, Nintendo is clearly beginning to shift focus elsewhere. It's only a matter of time before the servers follwo suit, but hopefully that's still a ways off.

What do you think? Did you get much use out of SplatNet? How long do you think it’ll be until Nintendo drops the servers, too? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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