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It's that time again, dear readers, for the North American Nintendo Download update. This week it's all about the Nintendo Switch, with a major retail title and a few promising offerings on the eShop. Let's get right to it.

Nintendo Switch Retail Download

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Ubisoft, $59.99USD) - A mash-up that caused some concern when originally rumoured and then leaked, this turn-based strategy has done a good job of winning over sceptics. It has a lot to offer with exploration and puzzles supplementing the battles; we'll have our review with you ahead of release, but until then you can check out our extensive previewAvailable from 29th August

Switch eShop

forma.8 (MixedBag, $9.99USD) - A title that caught the eye in the later days of the Wii U, it arrives on the Switch eShop boasting of 1080p (docked) and 60fps performance, along with portable play. A stylish and interesting game in which you explore an alien planet, it is another high quality title for the store; we loved it in our forma.8 review.

Piczle Lines DX (Rainy Frog, $14.99USD) - This puzzle game originally made a name for itself on smart devices and comes to the Switch with support for the touch screen as well as controller support. Rather like a blend of Picross, Sudoku and jigsaw puzzles, you draw lines to match colours and space requirements. It's rather addictive as we noted in our first impressions, and a full review will be with you very soon.

Puzzled (HAMSTER, $7.99USD) - Known as Joy Joy Kid in Japan, this is a bit like Tetris except you're clearing specific lines in order to free a trapped air balloon. Various quirks and enemies make life tougher, so this is perhaps more fun and interesting than it sounds; we'll let you know what we think of it in a review.

As always Nintendo of America wants you to browse the eShop and check out the official sales and deals website for discount details.

Those are your new download options for this week - let us know what you'll be downloading in the poll and comments below.

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