The Switch eShop is getting plenty of games that are already making their reputation on PC and other consoles, and one title starting to do that is Next Up Hero, confirmed today as coming to the Switch in early 2018.

This one is currently available as a beta in Steam, and has quite an interesting hook. Levels are generated and death is expected, with the twist being that when you and other players die an 'echo' is left behind, which can then be summoned by others as an AI ally when they tackle that stage.

The Nintendo stream didn't do a great job of explaining it, so below is a 'Getting Started' video that the developers put together for the beta.

Everyone dies in this community-driven online action game. But once one person dies, an echo is left behind. The next hero can then revive them as an AI companion. Choose from nine heroes and wield various weapons when Next Up Hero launches on Nintendo Switch in early 2018.

Do you like the look of this?