This past weekend we had the slightly odd battle of pinky red and gloopy yellow in the Splatoon 2 Splatfest, which was both gross and entertaining at the same time. The battle between Ketchup and Mayo was fought in North America and PAL territories, and there was one unanimous winner.

It was a sweep for Mayo, in the end. Nintendo of America declared first, including the Australia and New Zealand results.

That was posted while the European battle was still raging, but the results were the same in the end. Again we had Ketchup winning the popularity vote but Mayo winning the battles. It was even closer in Europe, with both solo and team categories coming out 51/49 in favour of Mayo.

This Ketchup Defender is calling shenanigans and demands a recount.

In any case it was a fun time, with Inkopolis being home to an entertaining concert and some awesome artwork, and Shifty Station was an interesting new stage.

Which side were you on in this Splatfest?