Shu was a pleasant surprise when it launched on PS4 and other platforms last year. Following this success  Coatsink is pleased to announce that its charming hand-drawn platformer will also be coming to the Switch this fall. 

The Switch version of Shu will also include the recently-released ‘Caverns of The Nightjars’ DLC, complete with six additional levels.

Here's what Coatsink COO Eddie Beardsmore had to say about this upcoming release:

After working in conjunction with Raw Fury and Nintendo to bring Gonner to the Switch, we’re thrilled to be bringing our favourite platformer to the system.

Set in a scenic mountain village, Shu combines charming character design, beautiful hand-drawn visuals and fast-paced platform action as our heroes battle to save their friends while being pursued by a mysterious and unrelenting storm. Can you outrun the end of the world? 

Let us know if you plan to pick this up for your Switch later this year with a comment below.