Better know as "Raguy" in the Land of the Rising Sun, 1991's Blue's Journey is your next HAMSTER Neo Geo  title to be re-released on the Switch eShop, due on 7th September.

Opening the month of September with a two player cooperative platformer is a rather nice change of pace from the regular stream of one-on-one fighters, the trademark of SNK's venerated hardware. In this Alpha Denshi-developed game the action takes place on the planet of Raguy, which is on the verge of a massive ecological disaster. Player one controls the titular Blue while player two takes control of the pallet swapped Princess Fa.

Both characters have the ability to stun and use enemies as weapons, and even to shrink down in size on demand, allowing them to reach secret areas where regular sized characters could not and jump further at the cost of being unable to attack. This gives the game a unique risk/reward mechanic: Will you play it safe at regular size and miss out on lucrative flower pickups (the in-game currency) or risk premature demise by going tiny?

These were some of the hard choices we had to make while pumping real currency into the arcade cabinets back in the day.

A nice throwback to simpler days of colourful cute platformers. Will you be jumping and shrinking next week?