Depending on how optimistic a person you are, PlatinumGames may have just dropped a hint that Bayonetta is Switch-bound.

The popular series - which began life on the PS3 and Xbox 360 before shifting to the Wii U thanks to Nintendo co-funding development - has been dormant since the second game, but has a massive base of fans.

The Japanese studio posted the following tweet today:

One keen-eyed user spotted that the blue and red colour scheme called to mind the Switch Neon Joy-Cons:

That tweet was then "liked" by Platinum, which was enough to trigger a flood of people predicting a Switch announcement soon:

The company has previously stated that it is keen to create a third Bayonetta title, and recently got everyone's hopes up by launching a countdown timer - which ended up being for a PC port of the first game.

This could well be nothing more than wishful thinking - after all, Bayonetta's guns have the red and blue colour scheme across the two currently-available titles - but if it is true, what form will this Switch title take? Will it simply be the two existing games in a single collection, or the much-anticipated Bayonetta 3?