Nintendo fans still have exclusive, and weird, Ninty outfits on Wii U

When SEGA published the old '8-bit Bayonetta' game as a freebie on Steam for April Fools' Day, the safe assumption was that a related countdown was for a PC port of the original. Of course, the nature of countdowns meant that fantasies could be voiced, such as the prospect of Bayonetta 3. Well, those of us awaiting that third entry will have to be patient.

The countdown did indeed end with an unveiling of the original Bayonetta on PC, and it's already out on Steam; in fact, in the UK it's shot its way up to second in the top-selling chart in a matter of hours. It's been in demand for some time, so the promise of a stable FPS and even 4K on meaty rigs is exciting for PC gamers.

Nothing thrilling for Switch fans, then, but the documentary below is still interesting for those that enjoyed the original on Wii U or back in the PS3 / Xbox 360 days.

There's no Bayonetta 2 port on PC as yet, or even any hint of it. Nintendo did step in to fund and then publish the Wii U-excusive sequel, so it'll be interesting to see whether it would allow such a move to PC. Alternatively, we certainly wouldn't complain if both Wii U versions got spruced up a little for the Nintendo Switch, but now we're fantasizing.

Would you like to replay these two games on Switch, and do you still hope to see Bayonetta 3 some day?