Sega has launched a countdown site for what appears to be another entry in the Bayonetta series.

Visit this URL and you'll be presented with a mostly black screen along with days, hours and minutes counting down. In the background, it's possible to make out Bayonetta's iconic gun-packing high-heels. At the time of writing, more than six days remain on the counter - which means we'll know what this is all about next Monday. We'd previously assumed this countdown was could be something to do with Sega's 8-bit Bayonetta April Fools joke, but it would appear that's not the case as it's still ticking down.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 14.29.46.png

The first Bayonetta - created by Platinum Games - was released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and was later ported to the Wii U. Nintendo stepped in to co-fund development of the sequel, which was a Wii U exclusive.

Could this be Bayonetta 3, and if so, what platforms will it be coming to? Is Sega totally shouldering the cost of production itself this time, or is Nintendo involved again - an event which would surely make this a Switch exclusive? Perhaps this is simply a HD remaster of the original game for PS4 and Xbox One?

Let us know your predictions by posting something below.