It's the Nintendo way to take a modern-day trend and apply its own spin, so the idea of early-access was turned into carefully timed and managed Global Testfire events with Splatoon on Wii U. We've already had one such session with Splatoon 2 on Switch, but the ARMS Global Testpunch arguably evolved the approach further. Not only were there multiple sessions over the course of an initial weekend, but a second set came in the past weekend with more characters and minigames to try out.

As a result those on the fence have had an opportunity to try out a lot of what ARMS has to offer, with the time limits also meaning that players won't have had much chance to become over-familiar with the fighting game. As a strategy to earn sales it seems smart, and has also helped fill a relatively quiet pre-E3 period for Switch owners. The question is, did it work?

We're interested in what you thought about the Global Testpunch over the course of two weeks. Did it re-affirm your decision to pick up the game, or change your mind one way or the other? Hit up the polls and comments below to let us know.

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