A set of four Kirby toys are arriving in Japan this June, based off designs in Kirby: Planet Robobot. The 3DS outing has Kirby wielding colossal mech suits as he attempts to stop aliens from mechanising the world of Pop Star. Takara Tomy Arts will be distributing toys based off the game through Gacha machines throughout the country. 

The four designs available will be Kirby with goggles on his head, the standard Roboboot suit along with two variations - Cutter Mode and Parasol Mode. Each capsule toy will be made available for ¥300 Yen (£2.00 approx) each, still it will depend on lady luck if you acquire the full collection first time. 

Kirby Gacha.jpg
Kirby Pink Robobot.jpg
Kirby Orange Robobot.jpg
Kirby White Robobot.jpg

What do you think to the Planer Robobot designs? Would you collect them all?

[source japanesenintendo.com]