Nintendo can't be accused of not pushing the message that ARMS can be the next big thing. It's had a prominent role in two consecutive Nintendo Directs, the second of which was dedicated almost entirely to the game, and it revealed details that demonstrate a willingness to ensure that - from day one - there'll be a solid variety of modes and content to play.

Our usual 'big Nintendo Direct summary' is taking on two roles this time out, as there were less 'reveals' and news items than with a standard Direct. We want to know whether the broadcast has convinced you to take the plunge and get the game, whether you're waiting for the Testpunch first or if you've been on board from the start. Some polls in our pre-broadcast Talking Point suggested that a decent number of Nintendo gamers were still very much on the fence - has that now changed?

First up, though, let's summarise the key news items (including a couple of Splatoon 2 updates).

Below are the videos of the Direct, some extra trailers and our own preview footage. We've included the Nintendo of Europe Direct broadcast as it includes the Splatoon 2 accessories and hardware bundle at the end, which aren't yet confirmed for North America.

Nintendo of America ARMS Direct

Nintendo of Europe ARMS Direct

2017 ARMS Open Invitational Teaser

Nintendo Minute - ARMS

Splatoon 2 Single Player Trailer

Kid Cobra - Our Preview

Byte & Barq - Our Preview

Twintelle - Our Preview

2v2 Splitscreen Local Multiplayer - Our Preview

Finally, some polls on what we saw in the ARMS Direct; tell us what you thought in these and the comments below!

Did you enjoy the ARMS Direct?
What was your favourite section / reveal of the ARMS Direct?
Are you planning to take part in the ARMS Global Testpunch?
Are you planning to buy ARMS?